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Second Progress Report on Re-Engagement by TFT with GAR`s Upstream Plantation Operations 297 Kb
Chairman and CEO of Golden Agri-Resources receives special Asean Entrepreneurial Excellence honour from EY 227 Kb
Golden Agri delivers improving performance in second quarter 2015 41 Kb
Progress Report on Re-Engagement by TFT with GAR`s Upstream Plantation Operations 228 Kb
Response to Global Witness Report on Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) 120 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources launches Grievance Procedure on Sustainability Dashboard 60 Kb
RSPO 2014 Annual Communication on Progress. 46 Kb
Joint Statement by TFT and GAR 255 Kb
GAR introduces upgrade to its on-line dashboard 140 Kb
Response to The Forest Trust statement on 19 May 2015 66 Kb
Appointment of Mr. Agus Purnomo as the Managing Director of Sustainability and Strategic Stakeholder Engagement 67 Kb
Golden Agri's first quarter 2015 core net profit saw 13% growth supported by improving downstream operations 59 Kb
Response to Forest Peoples Programme Press Release Issued on 7 May 2015 76 Kb
Response to press release by NGOs issued on 15 April 2015 81 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources Issues Comprehensive Response to RSPO Complaints Panel 64 Kb
Golden Agri achieved outstanding full year 2014 plantation performance while fourth quarter saw improvement across all business segments 48 Kb
Harvard Students get First-Hand Insights into Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food During Indonesia and China Field Trip 76 Kb
Title Format Size
Response to Greenpeace Report, "Golden Agri Resources - A Progress Report" 51 Kb
Response to Greenpeace Press Release 81 Kb
Response to Rainforest Action Network report, "The Last Place on Earth" 49 Kb
Golden Agri achieved record upstream output and third quarter 2014 downstream results showing improvement 45 Kb
Response to Complaint from Forest Peoples Programme 48 Kb
Golden Agri Declares Strong Commitment to the New York Declaration on Forests at the UN Climate Summit 2014 81 Kb
RSPO 2013-2014 Annual Communication on Progress 40 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources revenue grew to almost US$4 billion in first half 2014 on higher production and stronger average CPO market prices 38 Kb
Sustainability Report 2013 2 Mb
Notification of results release - first half ended 30 June 2014 14 Kb
Release by PT SMART Tbk - First half 2014 Results 34 Kb
Progress Report on Yield Improvement Policy Implementation 85 Kb
Growing upstream and downstream businesses for Golden Agri-Resources in first quarter of 2014 50 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources ended year 2013 with commendable fourth quarter results 34 Kb
Presentation at ICOPE 12 February 2014, Bali, Indonesia : High Carbon Stock Forest Conservation 2 Mb
Response from GAR regarding FPP`s Independent Review of the Social Impacts of GAR`s Forest Conservation Policy in Kapuas Hulu District, West Kalimantan 208 Kb
Title Format Size
Golden Agri-Resources year-to-date revenue continued to grow despite moderated CPO market prices 36 Kb
GAR and SMART Report on the First Six Months of High Carbon Stock Forest Conservation Pilot Project 3 Mb
Presentation at 2013 PublicAffairsAsia Sharing Value Asia Forum: Multi-stakeholder Collaboration: The GAR Journey 547 Kb
RSPO 2012-2013 Annual Communication on Progress 265 Kb
Sustainability Report 2012 4 Mb
Golden Agri-Resources revenue grew to over US$3 billion during first half 2013 1 Mb
Presentation at Tropical Forest Alliance 2020: Promoting Sustainability and Productivity in the Palm Oil and Pulp & Paper Sectors Workshop 568 Kb
GAR and SMART firmly commit to zero burning policy 50 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources shows strong quarterly performance in early 2013 50 Kb
Presentation at "Breaking Down the Barriers to Responsible Palm Oil" conference by Union of Concerned Scientists, Philadelphia Zoo and The Forest Trust: Multi-stakeholder Collaboration: Breaking Barriers, Building Bonds 2 Mb
Presentation at RI Asia 2013: The Investor - Corporate ESG Summit: Optimising Palm Oil Yield - A Win-Win for Investor and Forest 266 Kb
GAR and SMART implement pilot on High Carbon Stock forest conservation 4 Mb
Golden Agri-Resources achieved record palm products output in 2012, results weighed down by softer CPO market prices 10 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources and Stena Bulk form joint venture 202 Kb
Title Format Size
SMART and GAR take responsibility for land cleared without IPK process 56 Kb
Indonesia`s largest oil palm plantation group, Golden Agri-Resources Ltd, successfully issued RM1.5 billion of sukuk 435 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources posted strong CPO production in third quarter 2012 but performance impacted by lower CPO prices 36 Kb
Presentation at RSPO - 10th Annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil Singapore on 30 Oct 2012: Sustainable Palm Oil Multistakeholder Collaboration 767 Kb
Presentation at Ethical Corporation - 7th Annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit London on 23 Oct 2012: Sustainable Palm Oil Multi-stakeholder Collaboration 813 Kb
RSPO 2011-2012 Annual Communication on Progress 132 Kb
Presentation at Goldman Sachs Conference on 6 Sep 2012: Sustainable Palm Oil Multi-stakeholder Collaboration 73 Mb
Golden Agri-Resources recorded EBITDA of US$453 million during first half 2012 35 Kb
Presentation at World Sustainable Agriculture Congress on 12 July 2012: Sustainable Palm Oil Multi-stakeholder collaboration 536 Kb
Sustainability Report 2011 2 Mb
GAR Publishes Second Sustainability Report 203 Kb
Stena Weco and Golden Agri-Resources create new joint venture 163 Kb
Presentation at Greenpeace Workshop on The Path to Zero Deforestation on 12 June 2012: Path to No Deforestation 2 Mb
Presentation at REDD+ Task Force Seminar : High Conservation Stock Forest Study 37 Kb
GAR and SMART publish High Carbon Stock Forest Study Report and continue multi-stakeholder engagement process 37 Kb
GAR dan SMART mengumumkan Hasil Kajian Lapangan Hutan Stok Karbon Tinggi dan melanjutkan proses konsultasi bersama para pemangku kepentingan 50 Kb
High Carbon Stock Forest Study Report 2 Mb
High Carbon Stock Forest Study Report - Foreword & Executive Summary (in Bahasa) 378 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources starts the year 2012 with strong quarter-on-quarter performance 35 Kb
Presentation at the Conference on Responsible Palm Oil Organised by The Forest Trust: Sustainable palm oil Multi-stakeholder collaboration 723 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources concludes 2011 with a year of record performance 790 Kb
GAR and SMART launch Yield Improvement Policy to reduce impact on land 479 Kb
GAR's subsidiaries receive RSPO certification 315 Kb
Title Format Size
Presentation at 9th Annual Round Table, RSPO on 23 Nov 2011: Sustainable palm oil Challenges and solutions 3 Mb
Golden Agri-Resources sets another record for its nine-month performance in 2011 92 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources Launches Social and Community Engagement Policy 166 Kb
Presentation at 2nd conference on palm oil organised by TFT on 8 Nov 2011: Sustainable palm oil Challenges and solutions 566 Kb
Release by PT SMART Tbk - Unilever Returns to SMART 77 Kb
Release by PT SMART Tbk - Company Statement in Response to Media Queries 41 Kb
Release by PT SMART Tbk - SMART Receives RSPO Certification 361 Kb
Release by PT SMART Tbk - Nestle Resumes Palm Oil Purchases from SMART 489 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources achieves record first half performance in 2011 84 Kb
RSPO Resumes Review of Certification Reports Submitted by GAR and Subsidiaries 84 Kb
GAR and TFT provide update on Forest Conservation Policy fieldwork 84 Kb
SMART Publishes Social Research Report 380 Kb
SMART Laporan Penelitian Sosial - Juni 2011 5 Mb
SMART Social Research Report - June 2011 6 Mb
Presentation at Oslo REDD Exchange 2011 on 23 June 2011: Leveraging Multi-stakeholders to Find Solutions 4 Mb
GAR's Subsidiaries SMART and IMT Submit HCV Compensation and Deep Peat Mitigation (Restoration) Plans 39 Kb
GAR publishes inaugural sustainability report 125 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources starts the year 2011 with another record quarterly performance 68 Kb
Presentation at RSPO GHG WG2 on 8 Apr 2011: Conserving High Carbon Stock Forests 2 Mb
GAR Receives RSPO Membership 180 Kb
Release by PT SMART Tbk - FY2010 Result 47 Kb
Release by PT SMART Tbk - Strengthening Downstream Business, SMART and Its Affiliated Companies Will Invest Rp 9 Trillion 381 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources initiates industry engagement for forest conservation 48 Kb
Collaborating to conserve forests 126 Kb
Response from SMART regarding situation in Karang Mendapo - by PT SMART Tbk 23 Kb
Title Format Size
Golden Agri-Resources Recorded an Outstanding Growth in Third Quarter 2010 34 Kb
Joint Statement by GAR, SMART, IMT and the RSPO Grievance Panel 26 Kb
RSPO,SMART and GAR to announce next steps - by PT SMART Tbk 13 Kb
Update: SMART and Golden Agri-Resources meet with RSPO Grievance Panel - by PT SMART Tbk 15 Kb
SMART continues its cooperation with the RSPO - by PT SMART Tbk 54 Kb
Joint Press Release by Government of Liberia and Golden Veroleum to Form Partnership in US$1.6 Billion Sustainable Palm Oil Project 2 Mb
SMART stands firm in its belief that the independent verification exercise clearly demonstrates that the claims made by Greenpeace were exaggerated or wrong - by PT SMART Tbk 26 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources Evaluates Investment Opportunities in Liberia 56 Kb
SMART Presents IVEX Report in Open and Transparent Manner - by PT SMART Tbk 241 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources Maintains Strong Performance Despite Weaker Production 35 Kb
Independent Verification Report To Show Smart As A Responsible Company - by PT SMART Tbk 35 Kb
SMART reiterates that it is not responsible for clearing primary forests and orang-utan habitat - by PT SMART Tbk 36 Kb
Release of Independent Verification Exercise Report is Postponed - by PT SMART Tbk 32 Kb
SMART Clarifies Statements in Greenpeace Report - by PT SMART Tbk 115 Kb
SMART Refutes Allegations Made on Greenpeace Website - by PT SMART Tbk 65 Kb
SMART Implements Enhanced SOPs for Sustainable Palm Oil Production - by PT SMART Tbk 89 Kb
SMART Refutes Allegations by Greenpeace Indonesia - by PT SMART Tbk 30 Kb
The Wider Perspective on Palm Oil in Indonesia - by PT SMART Tbk 137 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources delivers robust performance for first quarter 2010 69 Kb
PT SMART Tbk raises its objection on the decision of KPPU to the case No. 24/KPPU-I/2009 regarding presumption of a breach to the article 4, 5 and 11 of the Law No. 5/1999 for palm-based cooking oil industry in Indonesia - by PT SMART Tbk 62 Kb
SMART Reaffirms Its Commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil - by PT SMART Tbk 60 Kb
Two Leading Experts to Assist SMART Verification of Greenpeace Report - by PT SMART Tbk 28 Kb
SMART Appoints Control Union Certification and BSI Group to Verify Greenpeace Reports - by PT SMART Tbk 26 Kb
Golden Agri-Resources ends 2009 with strongest quarter for the year 67 Kb

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