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In 2010, Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (GAR) published its first annual sustainability report. Since then, we have been reporting on the Company's advancement in stakeholder engagement, managing sustainability in the plantations, research and development, labour relations, social and community affairs, supplier, customer and consumer relations.

Our report also highlights the important milestones for GAR in its sustainability journey, including the implementation of a high carbon stock (HCS) forest conservation pilot project in PT Kartika Prima Cipta, West Kalimantan, Indonesia on 13 March 2013. This pilot follows from the publication of the High Carbon Stock Forest Study Report on 4 June 2012, after the completion of the HCS forest fieldwork conducted under GAR's Forest Conservation Policy. The purpose of the pilot is to establish a framework for successful HCS conservation by the broader palm oil industry.

GAR believes that multi-stakeholder collaboration is the best way to achieving solutions for sustainable palm oil production. As a leading player in the palm oil industry, we hope to provide a better understanding of our approach to sustainability through our reports and will continue to engage stakeholders in an open and transparent manner.

GAR Sustainability Reports are guided by international best practice and measured against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). To download the reports, please click links below:


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