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Our Business

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) is a vertically-integrated palm oil plantation company with a commitment to responsible palm oil. In Indonesia, our primary activities include cultivating and harvesting oil palm trees; extracting fresh fruit bunches (FFB) into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel; to processing it into value-added products such as cooking oil, margarine, shortening, biodiesel and oleochemicals; as well as merchandising palm products throughout the world.

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Consumer Products

We provide a variety of high quality palm oil derivative products, such as cooking oil, margarine, shortening and lauric fats specifically for consumer and industrial needs.

Meet Our Experts

Experience and expertise inform every step of our business, from seed-to-shelf. Hear from our technical experts and leaders in the fields of agronomy, sustainability, food and nutrition, trading, shipping, commercial and consumer products.