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5 facts about palm oil from plantation to your dining table

Posted: Apr 24, 2018 3 minute read Monica Wijayanthy 0 Likes

Close your eyes and imagine this: it’s a relaxing Sunday morning, and you’re at your breakfast table. You take a sip of your delicious creamy hot chocolate, and then a bite of your freshly toasted bread with smooth margarine spread. You switch the television on to watch the morning news, and grab a bowl of crispy, savoury fritters to munch on while enjoying your relaxing day off. Sounds good doesn’t it? Food is essential in our lives. In fact, many of us love to eat, especially with our loved ones. Given all the pleasures and nutrition we get from food, have you ever wondered how your daily groceries such as margarine and cooking oil reach your kitchen or dining table?

As the main ingredient of margarine, cooking oil, and several other food products, palm oil goes through a journey before reaching the aisles of a supermarket, ready for consumption. Let us take you through the steps of how our certified sustainable palm oil reaches your dining table!


  1. Oil palms grow in tropical regions. Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food grows around 10 million tonnes of fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) on more than 500,000 hectares of land every year. It is crucial to get the first phase of planting and growing oil palms right in order to produce the best quality oil. Learn how our palm oil is grown.

    Oil palms typically take around four years before producing suitable fruits for harvest
    Oil palms typically take around four years before producing suitable fruits for harvest.
  2. There are many steps before we are able to consume that golden palm oil. One of the main steps is palm oil refining. At our eight palm oil refineries, we first purify the crude palm oil (CPO) to make it ready for distribution to consumers and industries. Find out how our palm oil refinery process works.

  3. We now have ready-to-use palm oil. Before we go to any further, did you know that palm oil is naturally semi-solid at room temperature and free from trans-fats? This unique quality makes palm oil one of the most popular ingredients in many food products. Explore 10 things you might not know about palm oil to learn more about its distinctive qualities.

  4. It is quite challenging to live without palm oil. Its extraordinary qualities can produce a variety of products in our daily life. You will be amazed at the existence of palm oil around us. Are you a big fan of chocolate? Does applying lipstick everyday make you feel pretty? Do you ride a motorcycle or drive a car? Many of these daily products and activities contain or use palm oil.  Be surprised to discover 10 products made from palm oil in your daily life.

  5. FILMA is our high quality cooking oil and margarine product, distributed in Indonesia and the international market for more than 25 years. Made from 100 percent cholesterol-free oil, FILMA products contains essential vitamins and nutrition such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, D3, E, and Omega 6. Find out 10 facts about our very own FILMA Brand.

At the Marunda
At the Marunda R&D centre kitchen, our chefs test the palm oil products’ application for cakes, pastries, and other food items.

We strive to innovate and improve our range of products. In our Research and Development Center at Marunda, our food technologists enhance the quality of our products in terms of their performance, taste and nutritional requirements.

Now you know how palm oil greatly contributes to our daily lives. Keep supporting our efforts to achieve sustainable palm oil by subscribing our Sustainability Newsletter!

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