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Presentation at 9th Annual Round Table, RSPO on 23 Nov 2011: Sustainable palm oil Challenges and solutions

Posted: Nov 23, 2011 2 minute read GAR 0 Likes
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This presentation has been prepared by Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (“GAR” or “Company”) for informational purposes. This presentation contains statements, representation which may or may not be derived from third party reports, quotes from sources other than from within the Company, projections and forward looking statements that reflect the Company’s current views with respect to future events and performances. All statements and views contained in this presentation are based on current circumstances, practices and assumptions which may change over time, third party reports commissioned by GAR specifically for the purposes of this presentation, third party reports that are readily available and published in the public domain and specific third party reports that have been addressed to the Company and which contents are or is assumed to be in the public domain. This presentation also contains statements of commitment by the Company to endeavour to perform certain acts pursuant to this presentation. Whereas all such statements are made in good faith and based on the prevailing circumstances that entitle the Company to believe it will perform such commitments, no assurance is or can be given that future events may occur that render the Company unable to perform partially or fully such commitments or vary the performance of such commitments. Nothing in this report may be used in any cause of action for any misrepresentation by the Company. Opinions expressed herein reflect the judgement of the Company, or the belief by the Company on the reports produced by third parties quoted in this presentation as at the date of this presentation and may be subject to change without notice if the Company becomes aware of any information, whether specific to the Company, its business, or in general, which may have a material impact on any such opinions. The information is current only as of its date and shall not, under any circumstances, create any implication that the information contained therein is correct as of any time subsequent to the date thereof. In the event any third party quoted in this presentation subsequently amends, varies or otherwise changes its own reports, such reports forming the basis of this presentation, and such third party did not inform the Company of such change of view, GAR shall not be held liable for any information in this presentation that has not been corrected or amended as a result of such changes initiated by such third party. This presentation may be updated from time to time and notwithstanding anything stated hereabove, there is no undertaking by GAR to post any such amendments, addendum or supplements to this presentation. The Company will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of this presentation as well as the reliance upon any opinion or statement contained herein or for any omission.
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