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Learn to reuse waste paper

Posted: Jul 04, 2016 1 minute read Wendy Tan, CFO Office and May Ng, System Enhancement, GAR

It’s been a long time since we attended an art and craft workshop. Last week, as part of the ongoing World Environment Day (WED) campaign on sustainability in our daily lives at the GAR Singapore office, we had a lot of fun as Didier and Kat showed us how to reuse waste paper by turning them into useful things.

When we stepped into the room, we were amazed by the items displayed on the table. There were so many unique handmade recycled items which were really quite attractive.

We learnt what to do with waste paper!

Our goal that day was to use waste paper to make some arts and crafts items. We were taught how to roll used magazine pages into sticks and to use wires to act as support for the sticks.

Using a simple weaving technique plus a little creativity and imagination, we turned simple everyday items into our very own handmade baskets.

We learnt what to do with waste paper!

Other than waste-paper weaving, one other thing that caught our attention was the pandan rose weaving technique. The end result was beautiful and it smelt great too. The pandan leave can also be made into a ring.

We learnt what to do with waste paper!

The session certainly gave us a lot of food for thought and in the future we will stop and think before we throw things like paper away because now we know that with a little ingenuity we are able to turn them into beautiful items. Take a look at this list of all the things you can make using waste paper. If you don’t have the time, remember you can also recycle paper through various recycling programmes and public recycling bins.

Let’s do our part to protect the environment!

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