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GAR Advisory on the Gecko Project report related to our plasma smallholders fulfillment

Posted: May 23, 2022 1 minute read GAR 0 Likes

Earlier this morning, a report from the Gecko Project on Indonesian plasma fulfilment was released. Based on GAR previous letter on 30 March 2022 – titled: GAR Advisory ahead of the Gecko Project report related to our plasma smallholders implementation, GAR has anticipated this report’s publication.

Since 2021, GAR has cooperated with the Gecko Project providing information, clarifications and examples to explain the plasma fulfilment requirement, our latest progress and remaining challenges.

To date, GAR has achieved a ratio of 21 percent of the total managed area as plasma at the group level. However, GAR acknowledges that the company has some outstanding plasma obligations at an individual PT level.

As part of GAR’s continuous commitment to fulfil the company’s plasma obligations, the company has undertaken the following activities:

  1. Communication & engagement with local government to allocate lands for plasma.
  2. Engagement with local and national government to determine a clear criteria for nominated farmers and nominated lands for plasma.
  3. Fulfilment of RSPO NPP and other sustainability requirements. As an example, since our last communications, the HCV/HCSA assessment for our subsidiary, PT Agro Lestari Sentosa in Gunung Mas was completed and at the moment, we are conducting NPP internal verification.
  4. Mapping and planning other productive activities that can deliver economic benefit to the local community as an alternative to plasma development – as directed by UUCK in 2020.

To conclude, GAR still has some way to go to fulfil the 20 percent plasma mandate for seven subsidiaries. We invest in good practices to speed up the process while supporting the community in this journey, where and when we can. Stakeholders can track our overall plasma development progress in our annual sustainability report.

Should you need further information on this topic, we are more than happy to set up an online meeting with you to addres any additional questions that you might have.

For more information, please contact:
Ian Suwarganda
Head of Policy and Partnership
[email protected]

30 March 2022: GAR Advisory ahead of the Gecko Project report related to our plasma smallholders implementation

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