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Meet the people who’re helping our suppliers become part of a sustainable supply chain – Part 2

Posted: Dec 09, 2016 3 minute read Wulan Suling 0 Likes

GAR’s supplier support team is made up of a diverse set of individuals –their different backgrounds and expertise provide a great resource for our suppliers. Previously, I introduced you to two members of the team – Environmental Assurance Specialist Wahyu Wigati Wijayanti and Social Assurance Specialist Ahmad Yudana. Meet three more members of the team helping GAR suppliers meet our sustainability policy and transform the palm oil sector.

Traceability specialist ready to help our suppliers
Traceability Specialist – Justinus

Justinus Kriswantoro
Traceability Specialist

“In my line of work, trust is gold! When I gain trust from my suppliers, I can do my job faster, accurately and what is also important, I can help suppliers with what they actually need.” 

Justinus also known as Pak Jus has a degree in Cartography and Remote Sensing and has spent the last 16 years working in mapping and surveying. He locates mills using satellite images and then creates a risk analysis for suppliers. This analysis helps the suppliers perform better and avoid potential risks for their business.

The greatest challenge of the job?

“For me trust is the key for success as I need to get key information from suppliers.”

It is not always easy to gain trust, but Pak Jus’ warm, friendly and sincere personality helps. He hopes that in the future suppliers and farmers will become more open and share information, “Because based on the information, we can support our suppliers and farmers to be more sustainable and create even more opportunities for them.”

GAR Supplier Engagement Specialist
Supplier Engagement Specialist – Regina and Audy

Regina Destia Leki
Supplier Engagement Specialist

“Many of our suppliers don’t even know about GSEP or even about ISPO. But they are keen to learn. 

Regina studied International Law and worked as a communications specialist in television and international organisations. This helps her today when interacting with suppliers and dealing with grievances. Suppliers also consult her about legal matters related to Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification and other topics.

The greatest challenge of the job?

There’s a lack of knowledge about the GAR Social and Environment Policy (GSEP) and ISPO. But Regina is also encouraged by the suppliers’ willingness to listen and learn, “You can see that through their questions when they contact us and also through the high participation when we conduct our supplier gatherings on GSEP and the last one in September on ISPO. So the interest is there, the next step is to educate the suppliers and to support them on this journey.”

Audy James Kalangi
Supplier Engagement Specialist

 “I believe suppliers have an important and strategic role in transforming this industry into a sustainable sector and engagement is key to drive this transformation.”

 Audy studied Food Technology in Universitas Gajah Mada.  Since then he has worked on community development programmes and advocacy for several NGOs. Like Regina, Audy enjoys his work very much as he can interact, build relationships and network with the suppliers.

The greatest challenge of the job?

“Building relationships is not as easy as it seems – different cultural backgrounds demand different ways to approach and to engage suppliers.”

Part of his role is to help suppliers meet relevant experts so that they can operate sustainably. “I believe what we are doing with our suppliers will build trust between them and GAR – which will make us their partner of choice.”

GAR Supplier Support Team - SMART SEED in Medan
The GAR Supplier Support Team

These are just some of the people from our supplier support team. Each of them has different strengths and experience. But the one thing they have in common is their interest and readiness to help our suppliers build better businesses.

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