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Video: Reaching out to smallholders through our Traceability to Plantation project

Posted: Sep 13, 2016 1 minute read Wulan Suling 0 Likes

An estimated two million smallholders in Indonesia own over 40 percent of palm oil estates in the country. We believe that reaching out to this section of the industry is vital for improving their welfare as well as the social and environmental practices across the industry. One of the ways that GAR is doing this is through the Traceability to Plantation (TTP) project.

We have achieved 100 percent TTP for GAR mills as of end of 2017 and aim to have the same result for our independent supplier mills by end 2020.

In mapping our supply chain to the point of origin we are reaching out and getting to know our individual suppliers such as FFB brokers and more importantly individual farmers. We talk to some of them about traceability and sustainability during a training session at our Ujung Tanjung mill.

“Traceability it very important to us. For us, traceability is about knowing the legal status of the land, and we understand that this is very important for our future.” – Abdul Gafur, Palm oil farmer

“With the traceability to plantation initiative, we hope we can improve our production. We are eager to  learn how to manage our plantation better, and how to improve our yield.” – Mansur, Palm oil farmer

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