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Working as one to persevere: GAR’s latest Sustainability Report highlights the company’s commitment to responsible practices in the midst of a global pandemic

Posted: Jun 30, 2021 3 minute read GAR 0 Likes

June 30 2021

Golden Agri-Resources’ (GAR) latest Sustainability Report entitled Working as One: Driven by the Power to Persevere highlights GAR’s determination to continue implementing responsible practices as outlined in the GAR Social and Environmental Policy (GSEP). The report details how GAR’s management and employees were able to use technology to maintain sustainable practices and forge ahead with initiatives such as Traceability to the Plantation (TTP) in the midst of the global pandemic.

Noting the contribution of GAR’s employees, Chairman and CEO Franky O. Widjaja said, “COVID-19 has proven challenging for many businesses. Our quick response in adopting new processes and technology enabled us to stay on track with our sustainability commitments. The Board is also grateful for the collaboration and support provided by all our stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, creditors and shareholders.”

Report highlights include:

The achievement of 90 percent TTP for GAR’s entire palm supply chain. Using online tools, GAR continued to reach out and liaise with third-party suppliers to help them in their traceability efforts. Inevitably, some suppliers could not complete full TTP as movement restrictions hampered work in the field. Such suppliers have been granted an extension till 2021 to complete TTP. A

minority of suppliers who have not carried out TTP to date will be automatically excluded from GAR’s supply chain. Meanwhile, online workshops and webinars were held for suppliers to help them continue to adopt responsible practices.

87,000 smallholders were registered in Ksatria Sawit programme as at end-2020. The programme was launched to help accelerate TTP amongst Tier 2 suppliers. Now that they have been registered, it will be easier to conduct outreach and training to support them in becoming responsible producers in the next phase of GAR’s supplier transformation programme.

GAR supports, directly and indirectly, the conservation of over 220,000 hectares of forest area. This includes 78,000 hectares within GAR’s own concessions; over 100,000 hectares within third-party supplier concessions; and 43,000 hectares in community areas. This demonstrates GAR’s long-term commitment and focus in forest conservation.

Using virtual outreach to help educate the next generation about the hazards of fire and burning. As part of the Desa Makmur Peduli Api (fire prevention programme), GAR launched the education programme and children’s book Rumbun and Jungle Friends. This aims to help teachers educate elementary school pupils on the importance of preventing forest and land fires. GAR’s team in Indonesia continued their outreach and training through Zoom calls and podcasts, reaching 400 teachers through dedicated virtual workshops and another 700 participants via podcasts.

Help for the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The investment that GAR has made over the decades in community facilities like clinics and medical centres have proven particularly critical during the pandemic. Visits to GAR’s 104 clinics increased fourfold due in large part to the screening and testing for COVID-19 in the community. The clinics will also prove key during the vaccination rollout. GAR also helped provide masks, disinfection services and food aid to the community.


About Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (GAR)

GAR is one of the leading palm oil plantation companies with a total planted area of 535,826 hectares (including plasma smallholders) as at 31 March 2021, located in Indonesia. It has integrated operations focused on the production and distribution of an extensive portfolio of palm-based products.

Founded in 1996, GAR was listed on the Singapore Exchange in 1999 and has a market capitalisation of US$2.0 billion as at 31 March 2021. Flambo International Limited, an investment company, is currently GAR’s largest shareholder, with a 50.52 percent stake. GAR has several subsidiaries, including PT SMART Tbk which was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1992.

GAR is focused on responsible palm oil production. In Indonesia, its primary activities include cultivating and harvesting of oil palm trees; processing of fresh fruit bunch into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel; refining CPO into value-added products such as cooking oil, margarine, shortening, biodiesel and oleo-chemicals; as well as merchandising palm products globally. GAR’s products are delivered to a diversified customer base in over 70 countries through its global distribution network with shipping and logistics capabilities, destination marketing, on-shore refining and ex-tank operations in many countries. GAR also has complementary businesses such as soybean-based products in China, sunflower-based products in India, as well as sugar businesses.


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