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A day in life of a food safety and quality officer

Posted: Jun 07, 2024 3 minute read GAR 14 Likes

Have you ever wondered who makes sure the food you eat is safe?

Meet Elizabeth. A Quality Assurance Customer & Supplier Compliance (CSC) Officer at our Marunda unit, her passion for food safety started in her high school days and has become her calling since then.

As we celebrate World Food Safety Day, we bring you a glimpse into the lives of people like Elizabeth who work behind the scenes to keep our meals safe.

Starting the day with a mission

The moment Elizabeth clocks in at work, she’s ready to hit the ground running.

Her morning begins with reviewing feedback on product defects. She and her team are on the operational front lines, addressing quality issues from customers and investigating every concern thoroughly. Rather than just patching problems, they dig deep and seek out the root causes to make sure they don’t recur in the future.

Her responsibilities don’t end there. Elizabeth is responsible for supplier audits and issuing corrective action requests to suppliers so that future materials meet our standards and are free from defects. She also oversees pest control throughout the plant for a contaminant-free environment.

One of Elizabeth’s roles is making sure that all quality issues are addressed and meet strict standards

“One reason why I chose to work in food safety is because you’re involved in so many parts of the process, from ingredients selection and supplier audits to the final delivery of products.

Every detail matters, and small changes can have a big effect. This complexity means there’s always something new to learn. At the same time, it’s a role where I feel I can genuinely make an impact on how our products are perceived,” said Elizabeth.

“At the heart of our top-tier products are top-tier ingredients. That’s why we are strict about where our materials come from and what goes into them.”

– Elizabeth

Delivering the utmost is what it takes to thrive

By midday, Elizabeth is studying the latest audits results, looking for patterns and areas of improvement. Her analytical skills, key for maintaining high standards, were honed during her initial internship with GAR.

“When I started with the company, what really struck me was its robust foundation and global reach. It’s a company that bases its decisions on solid research and real data, not just assumptions. I was especially impressed by how agile the company is in responding to industry challenges. For instance, our Marunda Unit QFS Department leads in advanced analysis of contaminants like 3-MCPD/GE and MOSH MOAH,” noted Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s experience in the company is reinforced by the solid teamwork and peer support she has experienced since her internship days. She vividly recalls her first assignment – a particularly challenging traceability project which required her to work past office hours.

“It was stressful because it was so new to me. But at the same time, without it, I might have missed knowing how supportive my colleagues are,” said Elizabeth. With the patience and guidance of her colleagues, who took the time to bring her through each step of the production process, she was able to navigate the moment and complete her work.

This teamwork has instilled in Elizabeth the mindset that ‘nothing but the best is good enough’. “Giving nothing but the best is what it takes to work in food safety,” she affirmed. “I’m glad I’m supported by an incredible team who all chase the same goal.”

Elizabeth and her team in QFS department, showcasing dedication to food safety through small improvements everyday

Her passion for the food safety system stems from a belief that quality and safety are interconnected.

“Quality and food safety should be guaranteed throughout the product supply chain – from time of receipt of the raw materials, through production and even delivery,” she says. “Our customers’ perception of our product quality affects our image and demand, so it’s really important to nurture their trust.”

Every day is food safety day

To Elizabeth, World Food Safety Day isn’t an annual event; it’s a daily reality.

“Every day is World Food Safety Day for me,” she declares. “Knowing that my work helps keep our food safe and high quality makes all the hard work worth it.”

This special day is a chance to recognise dedicated professionals like Elizabeth who work tirelessly to keep the food reaching our tables safe.



GAR is committed to meeting the highest standards of food safety through advanced quality control technologies and stringent measures.

Learn more about our proactive approach to safeguarding your food here.


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