Imagine a cleaner tomorrow, fueled by responsible sources

We believe palm oil is an effective solution for renewable energy. That is why we produce palm-based bioenergy as a renewable energy option for the future.

Our capabilities are backed by our large production scale

We have two plants that pump out

>1,000,000 tonnes

of high-quality biofuel per year

We export around

500,000 tonnes

of palm kernel shell biomass annually

Our Bioenergy solutions

We use sustainably-produced palm oil, a renewable resource, to produce a variety of bioenergy products:


Biofuel: Made from Crude Palm Oil (CPO), biofuel releases less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to conventional diesel, and is a more renewable alternative to fossil fuels. Our biofuel supports the Just Energy Transition, encouraging domestic energy security in countries like Indonesia by reducing their reliance on foreign diesel, and supporting low carbon energy generation in consumer nations.

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Biomass: Our subsidiary, Golden Biomass Energy, provides Palm Kernel Shells (PKS), a by-product of Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) production. PKS is a preferred choice for renewable energy production with a comparable calorific value to woody biomass alternatives without the need for additional plantations or cutting down trees. It offers efficient burning, reduced emissions of up to 85 percent, and is a readily usable fuel source.

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Why choose GAR bioenergy?

Sustainability at our core
We prioritise responsible palm oil production and maximise the use of every part of the oil palm for reduced environmental impact.
Quality you can trust
Our technical experts focus on stringent quality control in production processes for purer and more consistent product quality.
High yield efficiency
Oil palms offer the highest yield among bioenergy crops, making GAR’s solutions both cost-effective and efficient for energy needs.
Renewable alternative
Using oil palm-based bioenergy can help combat climate change by providing a more sustainable option compared to fossil fuels.
Reliable supply chain and logistics
Our palm oil value chain is integrated, with key facilities close to downstream operations and our own jetties. This setup makes for a reliable and efficient supply chain, thanks to production and logistics integration.
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