Issued and Fully Paid-up
No of SharesPar Value
Total Amount
(US$ ‘000)
In March 2020, the Company acquired 42,683,100 of its own shares in the open markets. These shares are held as treasury shares.
During 2015, the Company acquired an aggregate of 102,792,400 of its own shares in the open market. These shares are held as treasury shares
Jul 201212,837,548,5560.025320,939Allotment and issue of 698,871,614 new ordinary shares of par value US$0.025 each pursuant to the exercise of warrants eW120723, each carrying the right to subscribe for one (1) New Share at an exercise price of S$0.54 for each New Share
Jul 200912,138,676,9420.025303,4671,763,739,384 Rights Shares of US$0.025 each were allotted and issued. In addition to that, 705,493,728 Warrants were also allotted and issued.
Apr 200910,374,937,5580.025259,373Bonus issue of 399,033,766 new shares of US$0.025 each on the basis of one Bonus Share for every 25 existing shares held
Feb 20089,975,903,7920.025249,397Share split (1 to 2 shares)
Sep 20074,987,951,8960.05249,397Share split (1 to 2 shares)
Apr 20072,493,975,9480.1249,397325,300,000 new shares of US$0.1 each were alloted and issued by placement
Dec 20062,168,675,9480.1216,867Since IPO in 1999

Note: Concept of authorised share capital abolished pursuant to the Companies Act 2001 of Mauritius and shareholders approval in April 2008 for the adoption of the new constitution of the Company.