As at 24 March 2020

NameNo. of Shares in which they have an Interest
Direct InterestPercentage (%)(1)Deemed
Percentage (%)(1)Total Percentage
(Direct and
Deemed Interest)
Ascent Wealth Investment Limited ("Ascent")750,000,0005.91----5.91
Massingham International Ltd (“MIL”)2,332,197,89718.38----18.38
Golden Moment Limited (“Golden Moment”)3,070,000,00024.19----24.19
Flambo International Limited (“Flambo”)(2)260,000,0002.056,152,197,89748.4750.52
The Widjaja Family Master Trust(2) ("WFMT(2)")(3)----6,412,197,89750.5250.52
Silchester International Investors LLP ("SII")(4)----1,529,796,30012.0512.05


  1. Percentage is calculated based on 12,692,073,056 issued shares (excluding treasury shares and subsidiary holdings)
  2. The deemed interest of Flambo arises from its interest in 750,000,000 shares,  2,332,197,897 shares and 3,070,000,000 shares held by its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Ascent, MIL and Golden Moment respectively in the Company.
  3. The deemed interest of WFMT(2) arises from its interest in 750,000,000 shares held by Ascent, 2,332,197,897 shares held by MIL, 3,070,000,000 shares held by Golden Moment and 260,000,000 shares held by Flambo in the Company.
  4. The deemed interest of SII, based on the last notification to the Company on 8 August 2018, arises from its acting as the fully discretionary investment manager for a number of commingled funds.

Based on the information available to the Company as at 24 March 2020, approximately 37.22% ¹ of the issued shares of the Company is held by the public and therefore, Rule 723 of the Listing Manual of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited is complied with.