Helping suppliers achieve more, sustainably

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) sources crude palm oil and palm kernel oil for our downstream operations from our own mills as well as over 400 third-party mills. The feedstock for these mills is supplied by GAR-owned nucleus estates, third-party estates, many thousands of individual farmers, as well as brokers and agents who buy from those farmers.

That’s a lot of suppliers. And by helping that many suppliers operate more efficiently and sustainably, we can transform the industry to make it a thriving and responsible one.

Support programmes and services

GAR works closely with our palm suppliers to help them achieve and maintain compliance with the GAR Social and Environmental Policy (GSEP), improve productivity and yield through good agronomic practices, attain traceability of their own supply chain, and more. We do this through a variety of initiatives.
Broad engagement
SMARTSEED (Social and Environmental Excellence Development)

SMARTSEED is an annual supplier forum, where our suppliers and relevant industry stakeholders are invited to discuss sustainability issues in the palm oil industry and share best practices. SMARTSEED helps our suppliers to increase their general awareness about responsible practices in the industry, and network with other stakeholders.

24-hour supplier support contact via email

Suppliers can ask questions or ask for support through [email protected].

GAR’s transformation toolkits

Access supplier self-assessments, templates, forms, references, videos, benchmarks, etc. on our website (see below). Additional materials are available upon email request here.

deep engagement

Deep engagement
SMART SPOT (Sustainable Palm Oil Training)

SMART SPOT is theme-based training initiated by us, involving several suppliers facing similar issues and/or in the same region It often also involves other stakeholders like government groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). SMART SPOT’s multi-party approach is helpful in coming up with joint solutions for issues through group discussions.

SMART STAR (Supplier Training for Action Request)

SMART STAR is private training provided based on a supplier’s request. It is a single-session training based on one focus area and can be carried out at our office or at the supplier’s preferred location.

Smart deal
SMART DEAL (Development by Engagement, Action and Learning)

SMART DEAL is an in-depth training programme based on priority issues from our internal assessment of a supplier. It involves multiple intensive workshops and verifications with one supplier on how to improve their practices to become more sustainable. SMART DEAL is carried out at the supplier’s location with several visits during the programme.

SMART Reach (Remote Engagement, Assessment and Conference call from Home)

We conduct a systematic assessment of our suppliers and carry out site visits for priority suppliers to identify specific areas of improvement. In the time of COVID-19, where travel is restricted, SMART Reach is helping us connect with our suppliers virtually. Learn more about how these remote site visits work.

Support for smallholders

With an estimated two million small farmers controlling over 44 percent of palm oil estates in Indonesia, smallholders are an essential part of GAR’s supply chain and crucial stakeholders in our sustainability journey.

GAR works with over 70,000 smallholders through our plasma smallholder scheme. While we do not own the plasma plantations, they are very closely integrated into our management system and we take the lead in promoting their success and productivity. We provide them with high-yielding seeds, good quality fertilisers and regular training on Good Agricultural Practices.

We also help independent smallholders secure interest-free loans during replanting periods under the Independent Smallholder Replanting Programme. Having this in place to sustain their livelihoods while waiting for the plants to mature encourages them to replant their plots with better quality seeds, improving productivity of their land. More details can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Support for smallholder

Grievance handling and support

Grievances are issues or complaints raised by external parties. We support suppliers who are involved or have been named in a grievance by external stakeholders. Depending on the circumstances of the case, our assistance can range from spatial analyses, site visits and development of remedial action plans.


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