Feeding and fuelling the world, sustainably

As a leading agribusiness, Golden Agri-Resources’s (GAR’s) future is dependent on:


A healthy environment including a stable climate, good soil health and abundant fresh water; and


Thriving rural communities to provide a willing and capable workforce and essential services that support our own business and employees.

Sustainability is, therefore, at the heart of our daily operations, and has been for more than two decades, since we became the first Indonesian palm oil company to adopt a Zero Burning Policy in 1997.

This commitment requires an innovative and holistic approach – consistently and continuously assessing our entire value chain, to enforce standards and identify areas of improvement.

The keystone in our approach to sustainability is the GAR Social and Environmental Policy known as GSEP. Launched in 2015, the GSEP combines and updates our previous Forest Conservation, Social and Community Engagement and Yield Improvement policies into a single document. It also extends these commitments and expectations to our suppliers and our investments, regardless of stake.

We have a sustainability team of more than 300 employees in Jakarta and in the field working daily to implement our sustainability measures. Our efforts continue to strategically support the UN Sustainable Development Goals especially goals 2, 12 and 15 which focus on food security, responsible production and consumption, and protection of life on land respectively.

The GSEP embodies our belief that economic growth, social progress and environmental protection can and should go hand-in-hand. The GSEP establishes firm commitments that support these beliefs. Delivering against the GSEP commitments has positioned GAR as a market leader for sustainably produced palm oil.

Four pillars underpin GAR’s approach to sustainable palm oil production.

The GSEP provides GAR with the roadmap to successfully navigate the ever-growing demand for palm oil responsibly. It is a journey we share with our employees, smallholders, suppliers, and customers as we work together to realise GAR’s vision of sustainable palm oil and a responsible palm oil industry.

GAR Sustainability Milestones