Handling grievances

GAR values the input of all stakeholders in helping achieve the aims of our sustainability policies.

We operate a transparent and accountable system where stakeholders can inform us of issues within our supply chain using our grievance procedure. This established system fosters open and inclusive dialogue with our stakeholders, including any individuals, government organisations, NGOs or media outlets.

Grievance procedure

Our grievance procedure below illustrates how GAR handles issues brought up by any internal and external parties. The grievance procedure ensures that as a company, we are agile and responsive to grievances, especially from external parties.


Report a grievance

You may report any illegal, improper or unethical conduct by employees or business partners within our supply chain. GAR will address your concerns swiftly and take appropriate remedial action.

Your report will be treated confidentially, and only necessary parties who are relevant to the investigation will be involved.

+62 21 5033 8899
+62 21 5038 9999
Grievance Manager
PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources and Technology Tbk (PT SMART Tbk)
Sinar Mas Land Plaza, Tower II, 34th Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 51 Jakarta 10350 Indonesia

Please ensure the following information is provided when complaint is submitted:

  • Full Name
  • Request for identity to remain confidential: Yes / No
  • Name of Organisation (if any)
  • Address
  • Phone No./Fax No./Email Address (at least one contact point)
  • Detailed description of the complaint/grievance
  • If available, evidence to support the complaint/grievance