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Together, sharing with love – community work in Tarahan

Posted: Nov 21, 2018 2 minute read GAR 0 Likes

Being socially responsible is an important aspect of our work, and through our long-standing partnership with the Tzu Chi Foundation Indonesia, our employees engage in various types of community work.

At our refinery in Tarahan, employees have a yearly tradition of outreach to the community, with many activities focused during the Ramadhan season, which is commonly believed to be a month of blessing and a chance for individuals to be better versions of themselves.

With the theme “Together, Sharing with Love” this year, they embarked on a series of activities, starting with a Cooking Oil Bazaar in Rangai Tri Tunggal village and Sukaratu Kalianda village. Thousands of our Kunci Mas cooking oil boxes were sold to residents at discounted prices. This is done to help the locals cope with the rising prices of basic commodities such as cooking oil, every time the fasting month and Eid season come. Many of the volunteers themselves were fasting, but this didn’t diminish their enthusiasm for giving back.

Providing affordable cooking oil at yearly bazaar during Ramadhan
Providing affordable cooking oil at yearly bazaar during Ramadhan

In addition, the team worked closely with the government and local communities on renovation projects for public facilities and places of worship. Locations inclued the At Taqwa Mosque, Rangai Tri Tunggal village office, Katibung Sub-District office, and the Katibung Sub-District Military Command office. Representing the local government, Hendra Jaya, Head of Katibung Sub-District, expressed his gratitude to the Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food team in Lampung, sharing his hope that this work would inspire other companies in the area to participate in helping the government fulfil its mandates.

Our volunteers also conducted several activities in the year focused on health and families, such as distributing milk to mothers and children on National Milk Day, and visiting the under-privileged and orphanages to spread cheer and joy among the children. Working with the women and children’s clinic in Rangai Tri Tunggal village, we organised sessions providing nutritious supplementary food for toddlers and pregnant women such as milk, vitamins, fruits and vegetables. During these sessions, we worked with local medical personnel to give the mothers tips on staying healthy.

Sharing nutritious food for children at schools
Sharing nutritious food for children at schools.

The team also conducted an anti-narcotics outreach programme this year, to the Bani Sueb Vocational School in Tarahan village, and the Babussalam Mosque Hall in Rangai Tri Tunggal village. With drug use on the rise in Indonesia, our volunteers felt strongly about reaching out and counselling at-risk teens, and educating mothers (as a strong foundation in the family) to better understand the intricacies of narcotics, and to be vigilant about their children being exposed to them.

We salute our volunteers in Tarahan, for having a strong spirit of love for their community.

Learn more about our Foundations, which support the organisation’s community work, here.

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