Make a difference

The global population is growing rapidly. That population is going to demand more food, more fuel, more resources; and it needs them to be produced in a way that benefits people and does not harm the environment. Here at Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), we’re looking for leaders and change makers to solve these challenges through sustainable agribusiness.

From perfecting seeds that enable us to grow more with less, to innovating healthy, high-quality products for the table, be part of a team that cares about feeding and fuelling the world responsibly.

With our operational presence in more than 12 countries worldwide, we have a wide range of opportunities available for jobseekers.

Long-term career development

Our people are essential to the success of GAR and we are committed to investing in them. We provide a variety of training and development programmes for employees, to ensure our people can upskill and are equipped to progress in their careers.

We also have fast-track talent programmes available for entry and managerial level employees. These programmes help to prepare and transition high-performing individuals to occupy more senior positions within the company.