Company profile

Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 1999, Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) is a leading seed-to-shelf agribusiness, producing an extensive portfolio of palm-based products with efficient end-to-end supply chain, from sustainable sourcing to global delivery.

GAR’s business strategy is built on palm oil’s competitiveness as an essential ingredient for everyday needs based on evolving global consumer preferences towards health-friendly and responsibly produced products:

right-arrow We meet our customers’ needs

right-arrow We control the physical flow of our products

right-arrow We embrace science and technological innovation

right-arrow Sustainability is in our DNA

This strategy will allow the company to optimise margin creation across the value chain, pursuing sustainable growth and delivering long-term profitability.

Why invest in GAR?


Long-term vision


Plantation assets that are leading in scale and productivity

wide network

A wide network of third-party suppliers with traceability

Tech advanced

Technologically-advanced integrated operations

Extensive portfolio

Extensive portfolio of value-added products

Cutting edge R&D

Cutting-edge R&D centres

Leader in sustainability

A leader in sustainability transformation

logistics network

Logistics network with global reach

Company presentation

GAR adopts a robust investor relations policy to promote regular,  effective and fair communication with shareholders.

Stock quote

Ticker Symbol: E5H
Curency: SGD
Stock Exchange: SGX
Last Trade: 01/02/2023 E5H
Current Price 0.250 Volume 2,873,900
Net Change - Percentage Change -%
Day High 0.255 Year High 0.355
Day Low 0.250 Year Low 0.235
Day Open 0.250 Last Close 0.250

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