Meet our experts

Experience and expertise inform every step of our business, from seed-to-shelf. Hear from our technical experts and leaders in the fields of agronomy, sustainability, food and nutrition, trading, shipping, commercial and consumer products.

Agus Purnomo
Managing Director, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement
Anita Neville
Senior Vice President, Group Corporate Communications
Björn Stignor
Head, Freight CEO, Golden-Agri Maritime (GM)
Daniel Prakarsa
Vice President, Commercial Sustainability Lead
Gopul Shah
Director, Corporate Treasury and Structured Trade Finance
Dr. Götz Martin
Head, Sustainability Implementation
Ian Suwarganda
Head, Policy and Advocacy, Group Corporate Communications
Dr. Jean-Pierre Caliman
Director, SMART Research Institute
Khoo Kok Yeow
Chief Information Officer
Lim Shu Ling
Head, Sustainability Reporting and Disclosure
Dr. Paul Wassell
Head, Research and Development
Rafael B. Concepcion, Jr.
Executive Director Chief Financial Officer
Richard Fung
Director, Investor Relations
Dr. Tony Liwang
Head, Plant Production and Biotechnology
Wong Hong Zhou
Senior Vice President, Group Controllership