Our products in China

In China, our snack and instant noodle brands are household names synonymous with convenience and taste. Embracing the growing wellness movement, GAR has launched nutrition-focused product lines to promote healthy eating.

Muo Fa Shi

For more than 30 years, our Muo Fa Shi brand snack noodles have been popular with kids and students. These noodles come in fun flavours and cute, easy-to-eat packets for convenient snacking.

Hua Feng

A household name, Hua Feng instant noodles have been a pantry staple in Chinese homes since 1986. Hua Feng carries three key product ranges, Sanxian Noodle Series, Spicy Moment, and Oil Splash Spicy Series, each packed with delicious flavours that cater to every taste.

Ellevita is a line of probiotic powders which promote gut health and vitality.
Yan Xing Yi Zhi

Yan Xing Yi Zhi is a line of meal replacement shakes that helps with weight management.