Our products in India

In India, our products are distributed under GAR India and Gemini Edibles and Fats. Our Freedom and First Klass cooking oil ranges are known for being affordable, reputable, and reliable. These brands are equally popular for use in hotels, restaurants, and cafes as well as in homes.


Our Freedom brand includes a range of high quality vegetable cooking oils like sunflower, rice bran, mustard, and groundnut. Freedom is a leading brand of cooking oils in India.

First Klass

First Klass is a popular brand of palm olein cooking oil in South India.


Our portfolio of products also include specialty fats for bakery products, biscuits, chocolates, and ice creams.

Bulk Oil

Our bulk trading deals with buying and selling of crude and refined palm, sesame, rice bran, sunflower, soybean, groundnut and cotton seed oil.