Our products in Indonesia

In Indonesia, our range of margarines, shortening, sauces, and beverages are staples in homes and the top choice in food services industries. We produce trans-fat free products to promote healthier diets.


Filma is a household brand in Indonesia and has been in distribution for more than 25 years. Filma’s premium cooking oil and margarine products are made from carefully selected palm fruits and processed using the latest refining technology to ensure purity, clarity and high nutrition for the family.

Kunci Mas

Kunci Mas is a value-for-money cooking oil brand that is popular among Indonesian families for deep frying. The end result? Banana fritters, tempeh, and chicken fried to golden perfection.

Palmboom margarine has been a staple in Indonesian kitchens since 1940. It is a multipurpose margarine that can be used for cooking, baking or simply as a tasty spread for toasts.

Pristine 8+ is a premium high pH, alkaline drinking water, filtered using Japan’s latest ioniser technology. Drinking alkaline water balances body pH levels and can improve our ability to absorb nutrients.


Zoda is the perfect soda mixer that adds that extra pop to any drink. Happy Zoda, the latest addition to the Zoda family, is a modern take on Soda Gembira, an Indonesian favourite.

The Groovy Taste

The Groovy Taste is deliciously creamy root beer that is a childhood favourite for many Indonesians.

Cap Orang Jual Sate
Cap Orang Jual Sate is our heritage brand of sweet soy sauce. Using carefully selected beans and fresh spices, and a recipe dating back to 1888 — we make Cap Orang Jual Sate the same way its founder did — to retain that same authentic flavour.