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Procedure for Grievance Handling



As an integrated palm oil company, GAR is aware that it is important to implement the principles of sustainable palm oil production. Therefore, GAR is committed to no deforestation; implementing best industry practices and standards; responsible environmental management; respecting the rights of indigenous people and local communities; and community development for the people living around its operations while maximising long-term value for shareholders.

As part of the implementation of the GAR Social and Environmental Policy (GSEP), which launched in September 2015, it is important to address grievances from our stakeholders in a responsible and timely manner. This procedure is prepared as a reference for the receiving, processing and monitoring of all grievances.


The procedure serves as an outline for the company to handle any grievances from stakeholders
including individuals, government agencies, and the relevant non-governmental organisations. It outlines recommended methods of handling grievances in a responsible manner.


The procedure is prepared for all activities related to the company's policies for sustainable palm oil production. It will cover all grievances from both national and international stakeholders for GAR’s own operations. It also details the workflow for receiving and verifying a grievance, preparing a plan, implementation as well as monitoring the outcome.

1.2. Workflow Process for Grievance Handling

1. Grievance Submission

  1. Grievances can be delivered via any of the following channels:
    Telephone  +62 21 5033-8899 or +62 882-1290-9203
    Fax  +62 21 5038-9999 or +62 882-1290-9203
    In writing  Grievance Handling Team
     Sinar Mas Land Plaza, Tower II, 4th Floor, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 51
     Jakarta Pusat, 10350, Indonesia
  1. Grievances should include the following information:
  • Full name
  • Request for identity to remain confidential: Yes / No
  • Name of organisation (if any)
  • Address
  • Phone no./Fax no./Email (at least one contact point)
  • Description of the grievance in detail
  • Evidences to support the grievance (if available)


2. Grievance Registration

    Grievance Handling Team will register the complaint(s) submitted by the Grievance Raiser.

3. Verification and Engagement

Grievance Handling Team verifies the complaint they received. They will communicate with the Grievance Raiser to obtain evidence and further information. They will also ascertain if the complaint submitted falls into the category of a grievance. If it is classified as a grievance, they will follow up with preparing a plan. If it is not classified as a grievance, they will reply to the Grievance Raiser stating that the complaint is not a grievance.

4. Preparing Grievance Handling Plan

  1. Grievance Handling Team will prepare the plan for handling the grievance. They will consult with the Grievance Raiser to ensure both parties can agree on the plan.
  2. The Grievance Team will seek approval from the Grievance Committee on the prepared plan. The Grievance Committee will review the Grievance Handling Plan submitted by the Grievance Team. If approved, the plan will be implemented. If not, the Grievance Committee will return the plan to the Grievance Team and they will revise the plan.

5. Grievance Handling

The Grievance Team, along with the related unit/department, will implement the grievance handling plan.

6. Monitoring

The Grievance Team will monitor and evaluate the on-going grievance handling while communicating with the Grievance Raiser to ensure they are satisfied.

7. Grievance Closed

There is a written agreement between the Grievance Raiser and the Grievance Team that the grievance was handled and the case is considered closed.


Time Line for Responding to Grievance

  1. A written response will be given to the Grievance Raiser within fourteen (14) working days after the Grievance Team has received the complaint.
  2. The Grievance Handling Plan will be implemented within thirty (30) working days after the Grievance Committee has approved the plan.


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