Sustainability Policies & SOPs

Marketplace and Supply Chain

Traceable and transparent supply chain

We commit to building a fully traceable and transparent supply chain which includes smallholders. We aim to achieve full traceability to palm oil mills by end of 2015. We will publish a time-bound plan by Q1 2016 for traceability to plantations.


Support to suppliers

Our suppliers are important and we will continue to constructively engage with them particularly with regards to improving and implementing sustainable palm oil practices.

We will review our business dealings with all suppliers who are found to be in breach of our policy. We recognise that suppliers may need time to comply with our policy requirements. We will work with them through direct engagement to encourage and support them in taking remedial time-bound actions to correct any violations.

We shall not knowingly source from any suppliers who refuse to comply with this policy. We will cease to do business with repeat non-compliant suppliers or suppliers who fail to demonstrate any commitment or effort to rectify any non-compliance with our policies including failure to implement corrective action plans.


Due diligence and grievance procedures

We will implement a robust due diligence system that will identify non-compliant suppliers. We will set up a transparent and accountable system where stakeholders can inform us of issues within our supply chain. We will respond to any issues using our grievance process in a timely and transparent manner.


Compliance with all relevant laws and international certifications’ principles and criteria

GAR will continue to comply with all relevant national laws and regulations as well as international certifications’ principles and criteria.



We recognise that suppliers and partners will need time to adapt practices to comply with the full extent of our policies. The speed of implementation will depend in some cases on national context. However, we recognise the immediate need to ensure no further clearance of High Conservation Value areas, High Carbon Stock forests and peatlands in our supply chain, hence we require all suppliers and partners to immediately shift development activities away from HCV, HCS and peatlands areas.

Download our key targets and progress in 2018 here.