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Social and Community Engagement

Respecting the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent for indigenous peoples and local communities

FPIC refers to the rights of local communities, particularly indigenous peoples, to give or withhold their consent about issues impacting them. GAR respects and recognises the long-term customary rights of the indigenous peoples, local and forest-dwelling communities to their traditional and community land and commits to ensuring FPIC from these communities prior to commencing any development and conservation of land. For land acquisition, the implementation of this policy will include:

  • Participatory Mapping and Land Tenure Study of all indigenous peoples and local community lands prior to negotiation
  • Social Impact Assessments carried out using participatory methods, the results of which will be publicly available and actively shared with relevant stakeholders
  • Engaged and open negotiation processes
  • Documented agreements signed by and shared with all relevant parties


Positive economic, social and community development

  • Empowering people through community development programmes
  • Involving local farmers and businesses as suppliers
  • Respecting human rights
  • Respecting land tenure rights

Download our key targets and progress in 2018 here.