The palm oil industry has helped to advance socio-economic development in tropical developing countries like Indonesia and plays a key role in improving the lives of communities living in rural areas. The challenge is to ensure that this development is inclusive and sustainable.

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) provides employment for more than 170,000 people in Indonesia, including 69,000 smallholders, most of whom live and work in the rural communities where our palm oil plantations and production facilities are located.

In doing so we are helping to deliver UN SDGs such as tackling poverty by boosting incomes and standards of living. We also collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to carry out our social and community programmes across all our plantations, which deliver SDGs such as providing education and ensuring health and well-being, infrastructure and reducing inequalities. As of 2017, we have set aside an area of more than 31,000 hectares for infrastructure.

Before the start of any new development we comply with Indonesian law and carry out Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Social Impact Assessments (SIA). This helps ensure that the well-being of the community is taken into account during the development of palm oil plantations.