Engagement, assessment, and training

Our supplier assessments give us baseline information on suppliers’ compliance with our sustainability commitments. They are a vital part of GAR’s supply chain transformation efforts. Supplier assessments help us determine how best to help our suppliers operate more responsibly. GAR then supports these suppliers through capacity building and sharing of best practices.

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GAR conducts the following supplier assessments:

Assessment of potential suppliers

Aside from commercial considerations, all potential suppliers are assessed based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. This is part of the due diligence and screening process carried out before taking on new suppliers.

Systematic assessment of existing suppliers

All GAR-owned and third party mills are assessed annually to determine continued compliance with the GSEP. First, desk research and spatial analysis assessments are carried out to prioritise mills for further analysis. This mill prioritisation process identifies high-risk suppliers for site visits and deeper engagement.

View reports detailing GAR’s site visits and our remedial strategies below.

Ad hoc site visits

We also carry out ad hoc site visits as part of our grievance handling process, whenever an issue is raised by an external stakeholder or discovered through our own issues monitoring. Our engagement is logged and reported in the Grievance List. You can find reports of these site visits here.