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How to workout after a long day at work

Posted: Jun 27, 2016 1 minute read Denise Yeo, GAR Oleochemicals 0 Likes

Took a little time off from work to participate in the GAR Transport Week activity as part of the ongoing World Environment Day (WED) internal campaign on sustainability in our daily lives. We all use and need transport in our daily lives. But most modern forms of transportation, such as cars, are also major contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. Many of us in Singapore forget that walking is also a good way of getting from A to B and to workout. It keeps us healthy and is environmentally friendly too.

It has been raining a lot the last few days, but I was pretty amazed that the weather was exceptionally good during the walk!

We walked to HortPark and along the canopy trail which are not too far from the GAR office. For many of us the trail was a new and interesting discovery.

All set and ready to go!
All set and ready to go!
Staying fit the green way
Beautiful views along the walk
Beautiful views along the walk.
Sand-based playgrounds from the seventies
Sand-based playgrounds from the seventies.

It took us all an hour to complete the walk. We also took time out to look for Angsana seeds – the red love seeds that are not commonly seen these days towards the bend of the walk.

Kudos to the GAR WED Committee for organising this walk and the refreshments!
Kudos to the GAR WED Committee for organising this walk and the refreshments!

In addition to getting a nice workout, we got to know each other a little better amidst the peaceful greenery and for someone who has just joined GAR, I felt more like a part of a big family after the walk.

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